With advances in optical lens technology optometrists can uniquely design prescription lenses.  

Prescription eyewear can be manufactured super thin (high refractive index) and super light (polycarbonate). Prescription eye glasses can now be made using high definition technology (3D vs. standard picture).

Designer eyewear with ultra light titanium materials are used to manufacture prescription eye glasses thus weighing just a few grams.  Glasses can be made in single vision ( far or near vision) , bi-focals ( far and near in one pair of glasses ), multi-focals ( far, intermediate and near, the most advanced lenses available).

We are preferential distributors of exclusive designer eyewear such as THEO, MYKITA and LINDBERG which are only available in a limited number of stores within Johannesburg. We also have a wide range of designer sunglasses.

Reading glasses

Custom-Made Reading Glasses are better than “ready-made” readers bought at a pharmacy or department store. They are centered exactly to your pupil centration, have precise, quality lenses which are manufactured to exact lens specifications.

Another drawback to purchasing ready-made (“drugstore”) reading glasses is that the lenses have the same prescription in both eyes, and even though they are less expensive than custom eyewear they can cause nausea, eye strain and discomfort as most people have a different prescription in each eye and they don’t correct astigmatism.

Reading glasses can be made up as single-vision, full frames, half-eyes, tiny foldable readers. One could also read up close with tinted reading glasses with UV protection for reading outdoors in the sun.

Night driving glasses

Irresponsible manufacturers claim that night driving lenses will benefit all wears – this is incorrect as on some instances the lenses may impair vision.

Yellow tinted or yellow night driving glasses may improve seeing ability at night or in foggy or hazy daylight conditions. Yellow lenses may only dissipate headlight glare during night time driving.

Clear lenses with AR (anti reflex) coatings minimizes internal reflections, increases the transmittance of light and minimize aberrations.

The Optical Studio are responsible dispensers of night driving glasses and lenses. We will help you choose the most suitable pair of driving glasses for your personal needs.

Computer eye glasses

Computer eye glasses assist in relieving computer eye strain. Working at a computer for long periods can cause eye strain, blurred vision, headaches and red eyes – these are some of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Inability of your eyes to remain accurately focused or blurred vision during computer work is common for people in their early to mid 40’s and this condition is called presbyopia.

Small inaccuracies in your prescription lenses can contribute to computer vision problems and customized computer glasses could reduce eye strain and enhance comfortable vision at your computer.

Computer glasses differ from regular eye glasses or reading glasses as they are occupation specific with specific lens designs, lens coatings such as specialized anti-reflective coatings and tints.

Viewing your computer screen with unhealthy postures can also enhance eye strain. Specialized single vision lenses, occupational bifocal and trifocal and multifocal lenses allow more accurate focus and generally better acuity than over-the-counter reading glasses for use as computer glasses.