Vision tests for infants

All infants should undergo routine eye health checkups during the first year of their
life, usually conducted by a paediatrician in conjunction with your optometrist.

Vision tests for 3½ year olds

Around age 3½, kids should undergo eye health screenings and visual acuity tests (tests that measure sharpness of vision) with their paediatrician or family doctor.

Vision tests for 5 year olds

Around age 5, kids should have their vision and eye alignment evaluated by an optometrist at the Optical Studio. Book your child first eye test here. Those who show abnormalities in development should undergo further tests by an ophthalmologist along with an optometrist.

Vision tests after age 5

After age 5, further routine screenings should be done annually at school or by the optometrist at the Optical Studio, especially if symptoms such as squinting or frequent headaches occur.

Kids who wear prescription glasses

The Optical studio conducts paediatric eye examinations for kids who wear prescription glasses or contacts with qualified optometrist to screen their vision changes.